Long weekend powers — activate! Form of … good beer! To echo Sloopy’s sentiments in the Morning Edition, this has been a great year for me, and I have really enjoyed the sense of community this website has created. If you’re ever down in St. Pete, give me a call and I’ll take you on a real Florida Man adventure. It’ll be like The Hangover with Cubans instead of Asians and uglier hookers.

One programming note: My wife is going to North Florida to help out with some family stuff for the next two weeks. I’ll be mostly swinging Single Dad status. I will probably not be around much or authoring the Links much until the middle of January. No matter what they say, I definitely did not sexually harass or make unwanted advances against any of my co-bloggers here at Glibertarians.

For those of you who enjoy G&T or bitter, black coffee, you may also enjoy sadism. Or be a psychopath, which, far be it from me to judge.

That stupid Rethuglican tax cut nets an extra $5B from Goldman Sachs. At $1.1M/second, that’s like, an hour and a quarter of Federal salaries.

Anti-government protests in Iran. Originally from higher prices. See, that’s another problem with Socialism — rising prices are the Government’s fault.

Infowars, so take with huge grain of salt, but I can totally see this being true: Guy protests Trump by ranting at Disney animatronic robot. So, so brave.

Have a little mellow to take you through to the end.