I’m back!  What a last few days.  But I got through holding my first auction without a disgruntled seller trying to bash my head in or a disgruntled buyer trying to do the same.  I can’t ask for much more than that. A quick sports update (straight from the scores without any knowledge of how the games went) and then down to business.:

A ten game slate on the ice yesterday…wow! Devils top the Blue Jackets. Rangers take down the Pens. Blues beat Les Canadiens. The Red Wings rolled over the Jets. Lightning strike six times in beating the Islanders. The Weinsteins Predators beat the Stars. The Sabres top the Avalanche. Canucks blank the Hurricanes. The Kings beat the MINNESOOOOOODA WIIIIIIIIIIILLLLDDD. And the Mighty Duck Fucks fall to the Army, er Las Vegas, Golden Knights.

Over in Europe, they played some UCL games yesterday. Roma won. Barca won. Bayern beat PSG 3-1 in a game that only would have matter had the score been 10-1. Chelsea drew with Athletico, which will come to haunt them. ManUre won. And Juventus won.  The remaining games are played today, which means Liverpool! YNWA.

On the hardcourt, Notre Dame fell to Ball State (yikes!). Michigan State keeps rolling. Villanova drilled Gonzaga. UVA fell to WVU. Minnesoda fell to Nebraska. Wichita State was better than SDSU. Duke won. aTm lost to Arizona. And some other games were played.  Oh, and Ohio State came from 20 points down on Monday night to beat Michigan and further humiliate that school up north.

I know you guys are probably ready to get down to business. But I want to say thanks to Swissy for bailing me out these last couple of days.  Monday was unplanned, and I had to bug out at the last minute. I didn’t mean to put him on the spot like that, but he saved my ass.  And yesterday’s links were awesome, as usual.  Thanks, Swissy. Let me see if I can do equally well with…the links!

CFPB: Under New Management. Rejoice, businesses. You have a government that wants to work with you. Lament, left-wing non-profits that make massive political donations to Team Blue. You no longer have a government that will force companies to make donations to you in lieu of fines or restitution so you can funnel them to the political campaigns of the people in government that forced the companies to pay you in the first place.  I can only hope he takes a metaphorical wrecking ball to the whole, stinking, corrupt agency.

Global warming or Trump. Who is to blame?

I had no idea this was happening until this morning. Stay safe, SoCal Glibs. That looks like a devastating fire.

Now THAT’S ironic! Finally, a government official doing something skeezy that at least has the good taste to be ironic enough that he will live forever in the minds of 4chan.

The Feds have charged Kate Steinle’s killer with a slew of legitimate charges. I was afraid they were going to try and charge him for the murder again, which would have been very bad. But the charges all seem legit.  The DA who failed to present a compelling case blasted Trump and the charges as a travesty of justice.  If only he were wearing a clever t-shirt while doing so.

Pimp of the House no longer

John Conyers announces his retirement as wave after wave after wave of sexual harassment complaints pour in. He also conveniently endorsed his son to continue the family business. Because that’s what our nation has come to: political dynasties and lifelong jobs to elected office.

Expect more judicial activism as opposed to adherence to the Constitution. I just wish the Trump admin would simply say “we are doing exactly what the Obama admin did, what the Bush admin did and what the Carter admin did and if you don’t like it, win the next election for President.” Because that’s the only defense they really need to make of the travel “ban” that he put in place and has been upheld every time it gets sent to the high court.

I needed to find something mellow. It’s been a long week already. And its just Wednesday.

I’m gonna try to make the best of it. Hope you can do the same.